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Friday, December 10, 2010

Dog Toy Review: Cuz the Walking Ball

Whether your dog is a little devil or an adorable angel, there's a Cuz rubber squeaky dog toy that's just right for him. These toys are fashioned of thick-walled, heavy-duty rubber and finished with a long-winded squeaker. This is the one toy that every dog in my house loves to play with. (A warning--the squeakers are LOUD--and the Good Cuz is much higher-pitched than the Bad Cuz.)

We’ve had the same Large-size Good and Bad Cuzes since 2004, and even our power-chewers hasn’t gotten the feet off of them. The smaller sizes seem to be a little less durable, based on reports of missing feet from other Boxer owners, but might be more squeakable. Only two of mine are able to get enough of the body in their mouth to do any effective squeaking--which may be good thing, at least for the humans in the house!

Available in the original Good Cuz and Bad Cuz (with horns) characters in a rainbow of colors and three sizes: Small is 2.5", Medium is 4", and Large is 5". The Other Cuz has legs but no feet, for those dogs who like to chew the feet off. The Dino Cuz has a tail and dorsal spikes; we have a Medium-size Dino Cuz who has lost the end of his tail, but otherwise has lasted for several years. Around Halloween you can sometimes find MummyCuz and FrankenCuz.

Good Cuz and Bad Cuz, Good Cuz, Large
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